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About Katalon Platform

The Katalon Platform is a modern, comprehensive quality management platform that enables teams to easily and efficiently test, launch, and optimize the best digital experiences. It provides capabilities that allow test automation teams to collaborate, manage, scale, and continuously improve testing operations.

In our platform, you can conduct the entire testing cycle. That includes planning, authoring, organizing, and executing tests, then analyzing test reports.

For each testing phase, you can use the following products and features:

Test PhasesKatalon Platform products Key features and Integration
Planning Katalon TestOpsIn Katalon TestOps, you can plan tests with releases and builds, then schedule test runs. Katalon also has a seamless integration with Jira to help manage releases and requirements. To learn more about test planning, refer to this document: Introduction to test planning.
Test creatingKatalon Studio

In Katalon Studio, you can create, execute and view basic reports for your web, API, mobile, and desktop automated tests with both manual view and script view. To learn more about test creating, you can refer to this document: Introduction to test creation.

OrganizingKatalon TestOps, Katalon StudioOnce done designing your tests, you can organize them in test suites or dynamic test suites in Katalon TestOps or Katalon Studio. To learn more about organizing your tests, you can refer to this document: Introduction to organizing tests.
ExecutingKatalon TestCloud, Katalon Runtime Engine

Katalon TestCloud is a cloud-based test execution environment equipped with the most common browsers and operating systems.

Katalon Runtime Engine is the test execution add-on of Katalon Studio for executing and scheduling tests in CI/CD pipeline or via the command-line interface.

To learn more about test executing, you can refer to this document: Test Execution Overview.

AnalyzingKatalon TestOpsAfter every execution, Katalon generates reports for troubleshooting and monitoring test activities. Katalon TestOps provides various of test reports such as: release readiness, requirement coverage, traceability matrix, etc. To learn more about analyzing test reports, refer to this document: Introduction to test analysis.
MaintainingKatalon Studio

Katalon Studio provides several methods to handle errors during test execution and fixing tests so they stay up to date with code changes. These features can reduce your test maintenance efforts substantially. To learn more about test maintenance, refer to this document: Introduction to test maintenance.

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